Monday, December 04, 2006

A Long-Suffering Fan

I found this in my inbox this morning from a reader in Australia:

Hey Michael,

Well let's detail my life over the last few weeks
shall we?

1. Moved house.

2. House moved into burned down.

3. Moved house.

4. Lessor decided to sell house.

5. Moved house.

6. Shitty house - guess what?

7. Moved house.

8. Got Internet.

9. Read Outre Mer.

10. Want sequel. NOW!

Seriously Michael, I have no idea why you haven't been published. Your work is top notch. Have you tried submitting it at Baen? Anyways, just wanted you to know that I loved your book and would look forward to anything else in the series and would love to read it as a beta-reader if you will.

Now as to the part I didn't like. In the very beginning, the description of your "hyperspace" is a little forced. A smoother description here will help the flow of the


  • Great characters; believable, deep, flawed but not stupidly so (ala Robert Jordan).
  • Coolest Alien race ever...well next to Star Trek's Jem Hadar, anyways.
  • Awesome plot twist [spoiler deleted].
  • Dialog is great.

In short: Really dude, get yourself an agent. You are as good a wordsmith as many people that are published and better than many others.


So, if this gentleman can enjoy "Outre Mer" after the year he's had, imagine how much you might enjoy it in the comfort of a home that isn't on fire or being overrun with zombies, or whatever?

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