Wednesday, November 08, 2006

"Outre Mer" reviewed at Bards And Sages

My science-fiction novel "Outre Mer" received its first review at a third-party website. Julie Ann Dawson, editor of Bards and Sages, a site dedicated to speculative fiction (SF, horror, and fantasy) and role-playing games, gave it a thumbs up. Julie concludes:

Puttre’s characters are engaging and well developed. While technically this is a science fiction novel, the character-driven plot and personal interaction take center stage. Starships, intergalactic (sic) travel, high-tech sci-fi weaponry and gadgets…these things are all secondary to the characters that populate the story. Janni is simultaneously a hardened hero and an innocent bystander struggling with situations beyond his control.

Outre Mer is a polished, character-driven space opera with a serious message about the nature of humanity. A highly recommended read for fans of quality science fiction.

What's interesting is that Julie detected themes relating to the Crusader States of the Middle Ages, particularly with regard to the title. Outremer was a general name given to the Crusader States after the First Crusade. In using the term Outre Mer, I had in mind the notion of "overseas," as the French term their far-flung colonies and possessions. However, when I wrote the book, I tried very hard not to lecture the reader or even to tell him or her who to root for and identify with. I am very happy to see different readers coming away with different thoughts and views about the various characters and the actions they take.

You can read Julie's full review here.

You can preview and purchase "Outre Mer" here:


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