Thursday, November 02, 2006

"Nagasaki" Wins an Alliance Award

My wife just opened a letter and told me that I won first prize for my documantary, "Nagasaki: The Commander's Voice." It turns out that my local public access cable station entered it in the "Non-Professional Documentary - Event" (as opposed to "Person") category of the 2006 Alliance for Community Media - North East (NY-New England) video awards.

There will be an awards ceremony on November 17 at the Fuller Craft Museum ( Huh. I'm glad to have won, but it is going to be a strange evening. The last time I was at the Fuller Craft Museum was for a ceremony honoring its late curator, Jennifer Atkinson. Jennifer was my sister-in-law, once removed (sister-in-law of my brother-in-law). Jennifer was a beautiful, brilliant redhead who drove a sports car and brought the Fuller back to life. She died young of cancer in October 2003.

The subject of my documentary, Maj. Gen. Charles Sweeney, died in 2004. It's really about him and his crew. You can read an account of the Nagasaki mission in Sweeney's own words here.

You can see "Nagasaki: The Commander's Voice" here for free on my website in bite-size pieces. Eventually I'm going to make it available on DVD through


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