Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fan Mail

Since I don't get much fan mail, I feel justified in posting this from John Bybee, who just dug into my SF novel, "Outre Mer":

Ole buddy--this is great literature, who you gonna sell the movie rights to? The way you put your reader into the story and let your thought flow into word pictures and scenes. Reminds of the Henry G Felsen's STREET ROD and HOT ROD books I read as a kid. Granted you ain't talking 32' Fords on black top or gravel roads, but the intensity/interest of your story line lays rubber from Kansas to the stars.

Marten Fisher--Planet burner, Phalanx frigate, emerged into reality, eyes of the dragon, Ninth Circle--Lake of Ice. Ekaterina lying nude--"Then he left her." Reminds of
Lt. Belenko who defected with the Mig 25 back in 1976.

This is a great read, your velocity is "gravity-breaking."

Links added.

That makes my rainy Saturday (although later I'm taking my little boy out to see "The Nightmare Before Christmas" in 3-D, so that ought to be cool, too). I don't know John except from correspondence. He's doing some interesting research into reported uses of anti-aircraft missiles and rockets by Germany in World War 2.

If I can appeal to the technically orientated niche historian and classic American car enthusiast market, I feel that I'm nearly home free.

I remember when the Foxbat pilot defected to Japan. I was twelve, and just lighting the afterburners on my military tech geekdom. If I remember correctly, there was a general sense that the MiG-25 wasn't quite the boogey man it had been made out to be, given that it's electronics were vacuum-tube based. Still, it was an impressive aircraft and a major event in the Cold War.

(Plus I give John extra points for knowing where the name of the frontier cruiser "Vermithrax" came from!)

You can preview and purchase "Outre Mer" by following the link:


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