Saturday, September 30, 2006

My Science-Fiction Novel: "Outre Mer"

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Some excerpts and background here.


"My name is Janni. I am a duranni, a native of Outre Mer. I have a mind. I believe that I have a soul. I am a person."

Born into Awakened society, Janni believes that people of all origins can live and work together. He does not understand why Earth sends its death squads into the forests of his homeland to hunt down educated duranni like him. Trained by his human worldmates, Janni leads a mission to rid Outre Mer of its jailors. Many on Earth are content to let Outre Mer go its own way. But a clique of policy makers and shadowy operatives goes beyond the pale to make sure that doesn't happen. An expeditionary force closes on Outre Mer, bringing fire...and worse.

Michael Puttré draws on his experience as an international aerospace, defense, and technology journalist to craft believable worlds in an age of starships. "Outre Mer" is a character-driven story of people on all sides of a conflict struggling to follow their orders, their convictions, and their instincts without always knowing why.


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