Wednesday, February 15, 2006

J-UCAS Program Restructured (translation: "funding eliminated")

The joint Air Force/Navy/DARPA program to develop a Joint-Unmanned Combat Aerial System was already on shaky ground -- or encountering turbulence, would be the better metaphor -- last year when about $40 million was cut from its funding. Now comes news that the the US Defense Department allocated zero funding for the program in 2007. The program director said at a conference in Washington just a couple of days after the new budget request had been released that he wasn't sure what the future of the program is, but that the DoD certainly wants to develop a long-range strike capability, and that the Navy seeks unmanned aerial vehicles that can takeoff and land from aircraft carriers, which is a capability that J-UCAS was not developing.

For more on the program's fate see "J-UCAS Canceled, But Not for Naught."


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