Friday, November 18, 2005

How do you land a Seafire on a carrier?

Normally I wouldn't pass along junk mail, but this is pretty cool:

Historical and Rare Pilot Manuals Now Available Online

ROCKVILLE, Maryland - Historical aviation researchers and aviation enthusiasts now have access to a large and growing collection of rare and historical pilot manuals, pilot operating handbooks, flight manuals and aircraft manuals, online., a division of Rare Aviation, has just released a collection of over 11,000 printed and downloadable manuals that are available through their website.

"As a pilot and historian myself I found it frustrating to try to search for and research lost and rare manuals and information on historic aircraft so I created this resource for everyone to be able to use," Said Steve Rhode, chief pilot and archivist for "Since many manuals are downloadable, researchers from around the world can instantly access long lost information on aircraft from World War I on. The site is also loaded with many warbird manuals and historical aviation documents."

The downloadable pilot manuals are in the universally accepted Adobe Acrobat format so they are of high quality and resolution. All manuals may be printed once downloaded.

"On the site as well, visitors will find a number of historical aviation movies we have restored. These films include a growing number of restored gun camera film collections from World War II. Films from both United States aircraft and German Luftwaffe gun cameras are available."

The manuals would be interesting not just for historians and collectors, but for writers, novelists, and movie producers as well, it seems. At least those who are interested in realism. Oh, and the site has some sample gun camera and bombing footage from WWII and Vietnam, which is always amusing.


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